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Parents, we get it.

When it comes to your family, mobile phone usage can be a touchy subject. Happy Family Mobile Plans by Woolworths Mobile make it easy to keep your family connected – with flexible plans that help protect your kids online>>. In short, they’re made to keep everyone happy.


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Terms and Conditions

~ Includes 10GB once-off bonus data which will be applied once when your plan is activated between 16 Nov 2018 and 17 Feb 2019. Excludes $10 Starter Pack. Available to new customers only and excludes change plan or re-contracting services.

†† Monthly bonus data on Woolworths Mobile X-Small, Small, Medium and Large Flexi Mobile Plan and 12 Month Sim Only plan valid on all new and approved applications between 14 November 2018 and 17 February 2019. To qualify for the bonus monthly data offer, customers must activate their service by 17 February 2019. Customers with referred applications must submit to Woolworths Mobile supporting documents within 5 days of request and activate by 17 February 2019 to receive the bonus data. Individual customers only. Not available in conjunction with any other offer.

^ $10 credit will be applied on your next recharge when you activate the $10 Pre-paid Starter Pack between 14 Nov 2018 and 17 Feb 2019 and set up auto-recharge prior to expiry of your $10 plan. Your next recharge must be an auto-recharge to qualify for the $10 credit.

† 10GB bonus holiday data is available from 14 Nov 2018 on new and approved applicable plans after every three recharges (Pre-paid) or three months (Postpaid) provided your Pre-paid plan is recharged prior to credit expiry or your Postpaid payments are kept up to date. Maximum of 4 bonus holiday data can be accumulated at any given time. Terms and conditions apply, visit

+ Offer available to customers who purchase a new and approved Woolworths Flexi Mobile Plan ("Flexi Plan") with a Samsung Galaxy S9+ 256GB between 17/1/19 and 31/1/19 or while stocks last. Discount shall be applied to the Handset Payment Plan ("HPP") in equal monthly instalments across the term of the HPP, while on an eligible Flexi Mobile Plan. If the HPP is terminated early prior to the expiration of its term, then any discounts that were not applied prior to termination shall be forfeited. Certain applications may require supporting documents to prove eligibility for this offer - if applicable, these documents must be provided within 5 days of request. Downloads stop when data limit is reached. Data charged in 1KB blocks. Total minimum cost of Flexi Mobile Plan includes non-discounted handset price. New and individual customers only. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

 >> Free Family Zone Protect for 1 user, 2 devices is for eligible new and recontracting Woolworths Mobile customers from 22 Jan 19 (RRP $1.94 per month). Customer moved to Family Zone Insight at the end of 12 months period (no subscription fee) unless terminated by the subscriber, with option to subscribe to Family Zone Protect at cost at time of subscription. 
To maintain free Family Zone Protect for the period, the Pre-paid plan must be recharged prior to credit expiry or your Postpaid payments must be kept up to date.  
Customers will receive a registration email from Family Zone for Family Zone Protect within 48 hours of activating their Woolworths Mobile service.


※ To maintain Data Bank, you must recharge your Pre-paid service before credit expiry or keep your payments up to date on your active Postpaid service.

* Our network covers more than 23 million Australians based on a total 3G and 4G network coverage of 98.8% of the Australian population of 24,127,200 (ABS, Jun 2016).

Downloads stop when data limit is reached. Data charged in 1KB blocks.

• Based on customer responses to the question Thinking about your experience with Woolworths in relation to your <pre-paid mobile/mobile plan>, on a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend Woolworths for their <pre-paid mobile/mobile plan> offering and service? In the August 2017 Woolworths "Voice of Customer" survey - 360 out of 398 (90.45%) customers who responded to the survey gave a score of 7,8,9 or 10 out of 10 (where 1 = would not recommend and 10 = would definitely recommend).