Cyber safety for kids in a mobile

FZ ONE is a game-changer in mobiles for kids. From social media and streaming videos, to gaming and surfing the web, manage their time online with its built-in parental controls.


FZ ONE phone

New FZ ONE smartphone

All the smartphone features your child wants, with built-in parental controls for you. Finally... it’s the mobile both kids and parents will love. FZ ONE is the world's first fully-functioned mobile with Family Zone parental controls pre-installed.

It’s packed with cutting-edge functionality that kids demand and easy pre-installed internet safety and screen time restrictions, to give parents peace of mind while their kids are online.

Perfect back-to-school phone for kids.

Exclusive to Woolworths Mobile.

FZ ONE features

5.5” HD+ screen display

13MP rear camera + 5MP front camera

Android 8.0 Oreo operating system

Fingerprint unlock sensor

3000mAh long-lasting battery

Up to 13 hours talk time on 4G network

16GB ROM +2GB RAM memory

Facial recognition technology

Split-screen multi-tasking

Family Zone parental controls



Peace of mind for parents.

Manage screen time

Limit apps and games

Restrict social media


Safe content, search and YouTube




All the features your child could want.

Beautiful HD+ Display

Facial recognition

13MP Camera

Long-lasting battery

Fingerprint sensor

Android 8 Oreo



How Family Zone works

Set up the app

Set up FZ ONE’s in-built Family Zone App. Help manage internet safety and screen time for each child, on up to 6 devices all year… anytime, anywhere!

Manage settings

Settings for sleep, play and study times let you manage what your child can access online. Limit screen time – a little or a lot – during the day or night.

Supervise usage

You can restrict the camera, websites, apps, video, gaming, in-app purchases, social media and advertising, plus get family usage reports and alerts



The experts

Family Zone cyber experts


Get the help of 14 cyber experts for an extra cost – there’s educators, psychologists and even former cyber detectives – with timetables, advice and safety settings to keep your kids safe online.

  • ySafe Solutions
  • Dr Kristy Goodwin
  • Internet Safe Education
  • David and Katie Kobler, Protect Our Kids
  • Susan McLean, Cyber Safety Solutions
  • Martine Oglethorpe, The Modern Parent
  • Alannah & Madeline Foundation
  • Leonie Smith, The Cyber Safety Lady
  • Pete Brown, Cyber Safety Teacher
  • Cyber Safe Home Solutions
  • Nicolle Embra, The Tech Mum
  • Cybersafe Families
  • Kim Maslin



Family Zone FAQs

How can I create the settings for my child’s time online?

There are four different time periods: sleep, school, play and study for each day. Adjust the hours and auto schedule routines for your child’s online time and set sleep time for devices.

Can I block web content by subject type?

You can restrict access to certain types of content generally, as well as specific websites. For instance, block advertising, gambling or more types of content during each time period.

How can I limit YouTube content?

Choose content by rating and keep adult videos from being viewed. Or, stop kids watching YouTube altogether.

Can I limit my child’s time on mobile games, gaming apps and websites?

Popular games like Fortnite and Minecraft can distract kids and expose them to online chat with strangers and in-app purchases. You can set games to be limited during study or sleep time, then accessed in play time only or block it altogether.

How can I limit social media?

Negative social media use¹ can be linked to many things including depression, while cyberbullying can have serious consequences on the well-being of your child.

Set boundaries and access for popular social apps and websites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, as well the camera and screen capture through Family Zone.

Terms & Conditions

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2 Bonus JBL speaker offer available for customers who purchase or recontract on a new and approved Woolworths Mobile Phone Plan with an OPPO R17 or OPPO R17 Pro on a Handset Payment Plan (HPP) between 22 March to 30 April 2019 or while stocks last. Individual customers only. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

3 Offer available for customers who purchase or recontract on a new and approved Woolworths Flexi Mobile Plan ("Flexi Plan") with an OPPO AX7 on a Handset Payment Plan (HPP) between 4 February and 16 April 2019 or while stocks last. Individual customers only. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Terms apply, visit

^ $10 credit will be applied on your next recharge when you activate the $10 Pre-paid Starter Pack between 21 January 2019 and 26 May 2019 and set up auto-recharge prior to expiry of your $10 plan. Your next recharge must be an auto-recharge to qualify for the $10 credit.

>> Free Family Zone Protect for 1 user, 2 devices is for eligible new and recontracting Woolworths Mobile customers from 21 Jan 19 (RRP $1.94 per month). Customer moved to Family Zone Insight at the end of 12 months period (no subscription fee) unless terminated by the subscriber, with option to subscribe to Family Zone Protect at cost at time of subscription. To maintain free Family Zone Protect for the period, the Pre-paid plan must be recharged prior to credit expiry or your Postpaid payments must be kept up to date. Customers will receive a registration email from Family Zone for Family Zone Protect within 48 hours of activating their Woolworths Mobile service.

~ Includes 15GB once-off bonus data which will be applied once when your plan is activated between 18 February and 26 May 2019. Excludes $10 Starter Pack. Available to new customers only and excludes change plan or re-contracting services.

† 20GB bonus holiday data after every three recharges (Pre-paid) or three months (Postpaid) provided your Pre-paid plan is recharged prior to credit expiry or your Postpaid payments are kept up to date is available for customers activating or recontracting between 18 Feb 2019 and 26 May 2019. Maximum of 4 bonus holiday data can be accumulated at any given time. Terms and conditions apply, visit

※ To maintain Data Bank, you must recharge your Pre-paid service before credit expiry or keep your payments up to date on your active Postpaid service.

* Our network covers more than 23 million Australians based on a total 3G and 4G network coverage of 98.8% of the Australian population of 24,127,200 (ABS, Jun 2016).

Downloads stop when data limit is reached. Data charged in 1KB blocks.

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