Mobile Services Collection Notice

Addendum for mobile services

In connection with telecommunication services we supply, in addition to the matters set out in the Woolworths Privacy Policy available at, we may also:

  • collect your personal information when you activate or use a telecommunication service we provide, or when we are otherwise required by law to collect personal information about you;
  • to comply with applicable laws in relation to telecommunications services that we provide, collect information required to verify your identity and other account information, metadata generated through your use of our services (e.g. the date, time and duration of communications you make using those services), and information required for us to discharge our interception and other obligations relating to law enforcement; and
  • disclose your personal information when required by law, including where required by law enforcement agencies under a warrant

Protect your mobile services from unauthorised access

  • Woolworths Mobile has security measures in place to protect your Privacy. We will always verify your identification when you request access to your account. Verification is done by requesting account identification, passwords and personal information about you that we can use to identify you when you contact us or log into our system. Anyone who knows this information can access your account so you must keep this information secure.

Last update: January 2020

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