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25 Sep 2018

OPPO AX5 review 

OPPO is back with the all new OPPO AX5. Another smartphone, without the big price tag. Besides being one of the most stylish smartphones OPPO has produced, it also packs a punch when it comes to great features and value for money. The AX5 offers flagship features like super full screen and dual camera. We got our hands on an AX5, to test it out. Here’s what we thought:



Perfect for any selfie King or Queen. The OPPO AX5 has AI Portrait Mode, so you’ll always be the focus.

“My name’s Eddy, Woolies Team member. I love the OPPO AX5's selfie camera, it's taken my snapchat game to a whole new level 😉”

AX5 Camera specs:

  • Dual camera
  • 13MP + 2MP rear camera
  • 8MP front camera
  • AI portrait mode

Meet Eddy. One of our OPPO AX5 testers.



The AX5 is a breeze to navigate, especially if you’re already an Android user. It comes with all the features you expect from a Smartphone. The 6.2-inch Super Full Screen means that finding your away around a phone has never been easier. 

"I've have a Samsung S9 now and have used other phones before, and found the AX5 really simple and easy to use. I recommend to anyone who wants a smartphone that's easy to navigate" - Ben, Woolworths Financial Services Team.


Look and feel

It’s super stylish. Whether you’re an iPhone enthusiast or a loyal Android user, you’ll appreciate how good the OPPO AX5 looks. You can choose from two colours - Diamond Blue and Diamond Pink.


"I'm a devoted iPhone user, and have always preferred the design of their devices. But I find that the OPPO AX5 design is really on par with my iPhone. I also like the diamond design and extra colour options." - Tessa, Woolworths Digital Content Team.

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The OPPO AX5 has a 4230 mAh (milliamp Hour) battery compared to the OPPO R15’s 3450 mAh. We used the phone pretty regularly throughout the day and still had plenty of battery left. OPPO says the AX5 battery can last for up to 17 hours!




A really cost effective smartphone that won't cost you thousands of dollars. You can pick the OPPO AX5 up on a Woolworths Mobile plan.

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