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01 Feb 2019

OPPO AX7 review 

OPPO has released the all new OPPO AX7. It’s a stylish new release with an even more attractive price tag. The Woolies Mobile team tested it out to check out its features. Here’s what we thought:


Look and Feel

The OPPO AX7 looks just as impressive as any other smartphone out there. You can pick one up in one of two trendy colours - Glaring Gold and Glaze Blue. It has a grating pattern which really gives it a premium look. You’ll be proud to show this phone off.

"I'm all about the look of this phone. It changes with the light as you move it. Definitely looks more expensive than the price tag suggests." - Ben, Woolworths Mobile Team.

The OPPO AX7 comes in two stylish colours.



The OPPO AX7’s camera has some really fun features - starting with its range of over 40 in-built stickers. As well as stickers, the OPPO AX7 camera comes with time-lapse feature, video and Pano mode. Getting a little more technical, the front camera is 16MP and the Dual Rear camera is 13MP+2MP, so your photos will be as sharp as ever!

"I love the sticker treatments the OPPO AX7 camera has. They're a bit of fun if you want to jazz up a photo." - Tessa, Woolworths Digital team.



The AX7 is simple to use and if you're already an Android user, you'll have no problems finding your way around the OPPO AX7. Like the AX5, the AX7 has a 6.2-inch Super Full Screen which makes navigating your phone easier than ever. 

"The AX7 is intuitive. I like how the apps are grouped together by category and very easy to find. The Google search bar at the top is really useful." - Sara, Woolworths Digital team.



The AX7 comes with a 4230mAh (milli Ampere hour) - this is a measurement of how long the battery will last before recharging. In comparison, the OPPO R17 comes with a 3200mAh battery (Read our OPPO R17 review). So you’ll be able to use your OPPO AX7 without worrying about running out of battery.

Technical Specifications

OPPO AX7 Component Specifications
Height 155.9mm
Width 74.4mm
Weight 168g
Display Size 6.2 Inches
Touchscreen Multi-touch


The OPPO AX7 is perfect if you’re looking for a cost effective phone, or maybe looking to get one of the kids their first phone. You can pick up the OPPO AX7 on a Woolworths Mobile Happy Family Mobile Plan. Check them out below:


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