OPPO R15 Pro Content


09 Jul 2018

6 features of the OPPO R-Series mobile phone


OPPO brings you their most impressive offering yet with their R-Series. With all new features including AI-enhanced camera technology, super full screen and more efficient data processing; the OPPO R-Series gives you the latest features without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re looking for a phone with an impressive camera and phone storage to capture life’s precious memories, or need a full screen to stream your favourite TV shows on the go, the new OPPO R-Series really tick the boxes.

Here are 6 features of the OPPO R15 series mobile phones:


1. AI-enhanced camera - the future is here

OPPO Australia teamed up with Sony for their new sensor, the IMX519. It comes with more powerful processing capabilities and larger photosensitive area so your portraits will stand out even more. 


2. Super Full Screen - bigger is better

The 6.28’ super full screen will make the OPPO R15 device look like one whole display. The new full screen means you can now stream your latest shows any time, any place without having to reach for your glasses.


3. Battery life - long live OPPO

Good news for all you chatty cathy's out there, 5 minutes of charge equals 2 hours of talk time. So pick up your phone, get comfortable and give someone a call you need to connect with. The OPPO battery has been optimised for an extended operating life. 


4. All new colours - bold is beautiful

With all new colours like Nebula Purple and Ruby Red, the OPPO R-Series will make your style stand out for all the right reasons. If you're more traditional with the colour of your mobile phone, OPPO has you sorted too with Frost White.


5. NFC Enabled - Ka-ching

The OPPO R15 Pro has an NFC (near-field communication) chip so you can make payments with your mobile easier than ever. With your OPPO R15 Pro, your phone is now your bank card as well as your mobile phone.


6. Water-resistant - make a splash

The R15 Pro will have you singing in the rain. It's water-resistant and can handle heavy splashes. So next time you're caught in the rain there's no need to fear that your smartfone won't make it through. 

A little bit about OPPO...

OPPO has been ranked as the number 4 smartphone brand globally since 2016^, and with a 5 star oversall satisfaction rating from Canstar Blue, you can be pretty confident that you're going to love this phone. 


OPPO R15 no longer in stock. Check out the latest OPPO handsets here

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