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21 Feb 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10+, S10 & S10e review

Following on from the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note9 in 2018, Samsung is back with the Samsung Galaxy S10 - and it comes in more varieties than ever before. Pro-grade camera, powerful battery and immersive viewing with bezel-less screen are just some of the features you’ll love about the Samsung Galaxy S10. 

Design and Display

No notch. No bezel. No interruptions. The Samsung Galaxy S10 has made some big changes since the S9, with the Samsung Infinity OTM Display. With it’s Quad HD+ resolution on the S10 and S10+ and no bezels (the space between the frame of your phone and screen), you can watch content on your phone like on the big screen.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 comes in 3 models to suit every member of the family who needs a mobile phone. It comes in:





Take photos like a pro! The Dual aperture automatically adjusts the light so you’ll be able to snap away from day to night and still have professional quality photos. It comes with an ultrawide lens so you can capture 123-degree panoramic shots.

The Samsung Galaxy S10’s photo assistant is a really cool feature. Your camera will automatically adjust to the frame you’re shooting. You can blur the background in your selfies to give your photos even more edge and drama.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 AND S10+ have a triple camera and the S10e has Dual Camera.


The new Samsiung Galaxy S10+ will give you a longer lasting phone than ever before.

  • S10+ - 4,100 mAh
  • S10 - 3,400 mAh
  • S10e - 3,100 mAh

mAh means milliampere hour. It’s the measurement for battery capacity. For comparison, the Samsung Note9 battery is 4,000 mAh. The Samsung Galaxy S9+ has 3,300 mAh.

S10 Features

Ultrasonic Fingerprint
The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ uses ultrasonic waves and technology to read the unique identifiers of your fingerprint.

Wireless PowerShare
You can now share your battery charge with family and friends without any wires or physical chargers. To share your battery, the other device must support WPC Qi wireless charging. You’ll need at least 30% battery life on your Samsung Galaxy S10.

Storage of laptop on your phone
Keep your family smiling by storing up to 487,000 photos or 243,000 songs or 480 movies*.

Water resistant
Heading out on a rainy day? No problem with the Samsung Galaxy S10. It’s rated IP68 for water and dust resistance. This means the Samsung Galaxy S10 provides ingress protection (IP68) against water and dust to a max of 1.5m for up to 30 mins.

S10 Pricing

You’ve got flexibility with the latest Samsung Galaxy S10. Pick the Samsung Galaxy S10 that suits how you want to use your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Version From price
S10+ 512GB $71.36/mth^
S10+ 128GB $61.63/mth^
S10 $58.00/mth^
S10e $49.00/mth^

*Figures are based on 512GB Galaxy S10/S10+ with 512GB Micro SD Card (sold separately). Assumes that one image = 2MB, one MP3 file = 4MB, and one movie = 2GB.

° Eligible Entrants who purchase a Participating Product from a Participating Retail Store during the Promotional Period (8 October to 25 November 2019) will be eligible to receive a Gift, subject to these T&CS . In order to receive the Gift, Eligible Entrants must complete the Redemption Process within the Redemption Period (8 October to 25 November 2019). View more information here.

^ Total Min Cost (excluding discounts).

+ Offer available to customers who purchase a new and approved Woolworths Mobile Phone Plan with an eligible handset between 6 May and 30 June 2019 or while stocks last. Sales stock limits apply - Woolworths Mobile reserves the right to withdraw the offer on certain handsets and plans at any time. Discount shall be applied to the Handset Payment Plan ("HPP") in equal monthly instalments across the term of the HPP, while on an eligible Mobile Phone Plan. If the HPP is terminated early prior to the expiration of its term, then any discounts that were not applied prior to termination shall be forfeited. Certain applications may require supporting documents to prove eligibility for this offer - if applicable, these documents must be provided within 5 days of request. Downloads stop when data limit is reached. Data charged in 1KB blocks. Total minimum cost of Mobile Phone Plan includes non-discounted handset price. New and individual customers only. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

50% off Starter Pack discount is available between 1 May and 25 June 2019. 30 day credit expiry.