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21 May 2019

Screen time benefits for kids

Are kids spending too much time in front of a screen? It's a question parents around Australia are asking themselves. And while there can be negative consequences to screen time, there's also benefits. To find out more, we talked to cyber safety expert and CEO of ySafe, Jordan Foster.

What are the benefits of screen time for kids?


Screens are a part of our kids everyday lives. Jordan talks about how this can be a good thing, "Kids have a better attitude to learning when it’s on a device. We wouldn’t want all learning to happen via a device, but it certainly helps facilitate better educational outcomes".

And the benefits can extend beyond the class room. "We also see that technology has a really important place in facilitating social relationships" - Clinical Psychologist, Jordan Foster.

To give you some extra comfort that your kids are safe when they're online, you can look to apps like Family Zone. Every Woolworths Mobile plan comes with a free 12 month Family Zone subscription.


cyber safety expert jordan foster woolworths mobile

From left to right: James - Head of Woolworths Mobile, Mel Watts - The Modern Mumma, Crispin Swan - Family Zone and Jordan Foster at Woolworths Mobile Cyber Safety breakfast.

The panel met to discuss screen time tips for parents and Happy Family Mobile Plans.


Happy Family Mobile Plans

Happy Family Mobile Plans make it easy to keep your family connected – with flexible plans that help protect your kids online>. In short, they’re made to keep everyone happy.

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