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05 Jul 2019
the modern mumma mel watts

About The Modern Mumma

Mel Watts is an Australian 'Mummy' blogger who shares her parenthood journey through her blog, The Modern Mumma

Mel co-hosted our Woolworths Mobile's Mummy breakfast event in Sydney with Head of Woolworths Mobile, James McMurrough and Family Zone's Crispin Swan (pictured). 

Modern Mumma’s tips on managing screen-time for kids

Author of the Modern Mumma blog, Mel Watts shared her tips on managing screen time for kids.

For parents and children alike, the world is becoming increasingly more reliant on technical devices. It can he hard to know how much screen time is too much for kids. As a mum or dad, it can help to hear from other parents on what works for them. 

Here are some rules that help Mel manage screen time for her kids:

  • 6:30-7:00am they're allowd iPads. Have to be ready for school on time
  • Screen-time in the afternoon after dinner, before bed

"We give them certain time and we allow them to have that for that time but we make sure it dooesn’t tale away from the things that need to be done like homework, family time and chors and showering."

Head of Woolworths Mobile, James McMurrough says "We provide parental controls through our own Woolworths Mobile App, so for example we can actually turn off data for your child."

All Woolworths Happy Family Mobile plans come with a free 12 month subscription to Family Zone>. The Family Zone app let's you control how and what your kids see online. It's features include:

  • Screen time management
  • Internet content control
  • Managing social media access
  • Tracking your childs device location


Happy Family Mobile Plans

Happy Family Mobile Plans make it easy to keep your family connected – with flexible plans that help protect your kids online>. In short, they’re made to keep everyone happy.

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>Free Family Zone Protect for 1 user, 2 devices is for eligible new and recontracting Woolworths Mobile customers from 21 January 2019 (RRP $1.94 per month). Customer moved to Family Zone Insight at the end of 12 months period (no subscription fee) unless terminated by the subscriber, with option to subscribe to Family Zone Protect at cost at time of subscription. To maintain free Family Zone Protect for the period, the Pre-paid plan must be recharged prior to credit expiry or your Postpaid payments must be kept up to date. Customers will receive a registration email from Family Zone for Family Zone Protect within 48 hours of activating their Woolworths Mobile service.

10GB bonus holiday data is available from 14 Nov 2018 on new and approved applicable plans after every three recharges (Pre-paid) or three months (Postpaid) provided your Pre-paid plan is recharged prior to credit expiry or your Postpaid payments are kept up to date. Maximum of 4 bonus holiday data can be accumulated at any given time.