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29 Jan 2018

Ways to make the most of your data

Ah, precious data. It’s one of the things we mobile users value most of all. If you’ve ever lost your phone, you already know how unsettling it is to be without it. Whether we’re on the train to work responding to an email or buying that pair of shoes we’ve been eying off for weeks, it’s all possible because our data allows us to get online.

So with this in mind we took a look at ways we can all save on data and stay online for longer.

Here's our top 5 ways to save on data and hopefully reduce your mobile bill

1. Turn off apps when you’re not using them

This one seems pretty obvious but it’s easy to forget to fully turn off an app after you minimise it, so unbeknownst to you, your app is still there doing things like refreshing the apps feed and updating your location, all these little things can quickly add up and use up your mobile data.

It’s also important to be aware of what apps are using the most data. Your phone will most likely break down data usage for you. Take a look at where your data is going. You might be surprised.

2. Turn off location push notifications for apps that don’t need it

Most apps these days want to keep our attention and are constantly letting us know what’s going on with their app. What can start off as helpful can easily turn into a nuisance and also chew through your data. You can turn off push notifications for any apps you don’t need from in your phone settings.

3. Connect to Wi-Fi where possible

Wonderful Wi-Fi. It’s becoming available in more and more places so why not take advantage of it? When you’re connected to Wi-Fi you can turn off your mobile data and still stay online. A win/win for you, your data and your hip pocket. So save downloading, surfing and streaming for when you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

While we’re talking about Wi-Fi, set your App Auto update to only when Wi-Fi is on.


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4. Sync playlists and listen to music offline

Boogie wonderland! Whether it’s Earth, Wind and Fire that gets you bopping along or some other equally catchy band, music can put you in a great frame of mind and make your day that much brighter. So, that said, it’s important to keep your favourite playlist available. Download or sync your favourite tunes to your phone so you don’t need to stream using your data every time you want to hear your favourite beat.

5. Turn your data off altogether

Go off grid. Well, turning your phone off doesn’t really count as going off grid, but it does give you a chance to reconnect with those around you or even just take some time to yourself to de-stress and forget about the worries of the world for a few hours.


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