Enjoy 10% off one shop every month

As a Woolworths Mobile customer and Everyday Rewards member, you could save 10% on your groceries once a month, every month. That’s up to $50 off, which could help cover the cost of your monthly mobile phone bill! Use our savings calculator to find out how much you could save.


Simply follow these steps to start today.

How to take advantage of the offer

Be a Woolworths Mobile customer and link your Everyday Rewards account to:

After 45 days1 you will be able to see it in the Woolworths Mobile app.* 

In store
Scan your Everyday Rewards card and select if you’d like to redeem the offer.
Choose to apply the discount by adding your promo code AUG2022 during checkout.

Woolworths Mobile Phone Plans

Phone Plans

Add a phone to your plan

SIM Only

No contract


30 day expiry

Long Expiry

180 or 365 day expiry

How to link your Everyday Rewards Card

Woolworths Mobile account

  • Open your Woolworths Mobile app -  Download here
  • Tap 'Options' on the bottom right hand corner and select 'Profile Information'
  • Tap on 'Everyday Rewards' and link your account, by following the instructions on the screen

Woolworths online account

  • Go to woolworths.com.au
  • Click on 'Login/Register' and log into your Online Shopping Account
  • Go to 'My Account'
  • Click on Everyday Rewards' in the menu
  • Add the Everyday Rewards account linked to your Woolworths Mobile Account


Frequently Asked Questions

How to get discounts on groceries?

How will I know when the 10% discount promotion is on?

I did not receive my 10% discount, what do I do?

How much could I save on groceries in a year?


Not an Everyday Rewards Member?

Save money on mobile data – you could get it for free!

"We now have a total $40 a month commitment via Woolworths ($480 per annum) and get that back with the 10% monthly shop discount that saves us $500-600 per year (no real cost). And in checking our data banks, we each have 200GB in reserve if we need it. Mobile data for free – works for me!"

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Terms and Conditions

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1 A 10% discount offer to one grocery purchase in-store or online each calendar month (“Offer”) will be available for active Woolworths Mobile customers who meet the following eligibility criteria (“Eligible Customer”):

  1. 18 years old and over
  2. if on Pre-paid mobile plan, you have recharged the plan before credit expiry;
  3. if on Post-paid mobile plan, you have kept payments up to date; and
  4. you have linked your registered Everyday Rewards account to your Woolworths Mobile and Woolworths Online (for online shopping) account for a minimum 45 days (see FAQs for further instructions).
Any changes to the Everyday Rewards account linked may take up to 45 days for the Offer to become available.

The Offer for each Eligible Customer is limited to one single transaction up to $500 on groceries (maximum saving of $50) for each Woolworths Mobile account, regardless of the number of services under the account, linked to a registered Everyday Rewards account. For clarity, a customer only has one Woolworths Mobile account even if he/she has signed up to multiple Woolworths Mobile services (or has multiple mobile numbers) under the account.

The Offer cannot be:
  1. used with a Woolworths Online business account (i.e. an account with an ABN or Business Name);
  2. used by Eligible Customers who are also a Woolworths Credit Card holder and/or a Woolworths Insurance policyholders eligible for “Get 10% off your shop”; or
  3. applied to certain products, services, fees or in conjunction with any other offers including any vouchers, Delivery Saver items, bag fee and crate service fee, internet cafes, purchases of liquor, smoking/tobacco products and accessories, newspapers, Woolworths Services, Gift Cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile devices or plans, travel cards and tickets, Carpet Care, lottery products and Everyday Market from Woolworths orders.
To receive the Offer in store, Eligible Customers must:
  1. have their Everyday Rewards card linked to the Woolworths Mobile account for a minimum of 45 days;
  2. scan the linked Everyday Rewards card at checkout; and
  3. choose to apply the Offer.
To receive the Offer online, Eligible Customers must:
  1. have their Everyday Rewards card linked to the Woolworths Mobile and their Woolworths online account for a minimum of 45 days;
  2. place an order online; and
  3. enter the Everyday Rewards card number linked to the registered Everyday Rewards account into their online Woolworths account; and
  4. enter the promo code published at mobile.woolworths.com.au/offers/10-off-your-shop or under “Notifications” in the Woolworths Mobile App at Checkout.
For online orders, see woolworths.com.au for available delivery areas and full Terms and Conditions. Please note that there may be bag fees and crate service fees for Pick-up and Home Delivery orders

Once the Offer has applied to an in-store or online transaction, it cannot be reversed.

Woolworths is responsible for all representations made regarding the Offer, and reserves the right to cancel or amend the Offer at any time without notice. The Offer cannot be bundled with, or used in conjunction with, any other offer (including any employee discounts, if applicable).