Your email bill

1. Your last month's bill amount less payments received. The balance plus this month's bill amount will equal your total amount due

2. Your total amount due for this month

3. Bill due date

4. Download your bill

5. Make a payment online

Your bill (first page)

1. In the top right section, you’ll find the invoice number, the date your bill was issued and your billing number used to make a payment.

2. This section gives a summary of your last bill amount minus payments received, the balance brought forward plus the charges in your bill amount this month. This will give you your 'Total Amount Due' and due date for this invoice.

3. 'This Bill' displays a summary of your services: the billing period and the total charges incurred by each service, any adjustments (debit or credit) and the total amount for the bill.

4. 'Last Three Months' shows a comparison of your 3 most recent invoices.

5. The bottom section of your bill provides you with the different payment methods.

Service summary (overview)

1. The payments received (auto payment, credit card payment or BPay payment) since your last invoice will be displayed here.

2. The charges for your services are displayed here. This will include plan and handset charges, add-ons purchased, additional usage charges, discounts and credits/debits applied.

3. If you have elected to receive a detail record of your usage, this will be shown here. Calls and international usage is displayed individually. SMS and Data is summarised to show overall usage.

Service summary (detailed)

1. You will see the payments made since your last bill was issued, the date the payment was made and the amount

2. Total amount due for the listed number/service

3. Your monthly plan fee and inclusions

4. Your monthly handset repayment

5. Types of add-ons purchased, the purchased date/date added and the amount

6. Monthly discounts

7. Any debits or credits applied to your invoice

8. Total amount due for all services listed

9. Detailed usage if opted in (date, time, number, duration and cost)

Your re-contracting bill

1. Your new plan monthly charge

2. Your Old Plan monthly charge and/or Reversal of Old Plan monthly charge Pro-rata charge for the number of days you used your old plan

3. Your new handset monthly fee Your old handset monthly fee

4.Your Early Termination Plan fee (for your old plan)
Your Early Termination Handset fee (for your old handset)