Pay your phone bill in 4 with Deferit

Pay your Woolworths Mobile bills in four instalments with Deferit

Introducing a budget-friendly way to pay your mobile phone bill, with Deferit. Our partner, Deferit, takes the hassle and stress out of bills. Deferit is a bill budgeting platform with over 500,000 users who have discovered the Deferit way to pay bills. It allows you to spread the cost of your mobile phone bill by breaking it up into 4 flexible instalments. No interest. No late fees.

Need to know about Deferit

  • Pay bills over 4 flexible instalments
  • Interest-free, plus no late fees
  • Move your instalment dates at any time to suit your lifestyle
  • $7.99 monthly fee, which only applies when you have active bills. A 1.5% + 20c processing and handling fee applies to instalment payments.

  • Available to use for many of your other bills
  • Earn a balance of up to $2,000 to use towards many of your other bills