6 Step Trouble Shooting Guide

Before you begin, make sure that you've successfully backed up your personal data like contacts, pictures and apps stored on your device. If you'd like assistance backing up your data, click here.

If you suspect that your mobile device is faulty, this simple set of steps can help work out what's going on. Some common faults can be fixed by following the steps below. If you need help with troubleshooting, use our mobile interactive help manuals for step by step instructions.

Software Check

Check and download the latest software for your phone

It’s always a good idea to update your device’s software regularly. Updating your software can resolve a lot of common problems and provides new features to keep your device running smoothly. Just make sure your battery is fully charged before attempting the software upgrade.

To check for available software updates, refer to your specific device in our device guides section.

If an update is found, install it and test to see if the problem still exists.We recommend you connect to WIFI before starting your software update.

If you have the latest software version and you're still having problems, please continue to STEP 4