6 Step Trouble Shooting Guide

Before you begin, make sure that you've successfully backed up your personal data like contacts, pictures and apps stored on your device. If you'd like assistance backing up your data, click here.

If you suspect that your mobile device is faulty, this simple set of steps can help work out what's going on. Some common faults can be fixed by following the steps below. If you need help with troubleshooting, use our mobile interactive help manuals for step by step instructions.

Hard Reset

Perform a Factory Reset (Hard Reset)

This action will restore the device back to its factory settings.

Important: This will result in a loss of all of your data, so this means things like contacts, text messages that you haven't backed up to your SIM or computer, personal setting and apps will be deleted. It's important that you backup to a computer prior to performing this step. Paid apps can often be downloaded again for free once you log back into your account (but check the requirements for your specific handset and operating system first).

Click here for steps on how to backup your personal data.

For steps on how to perform a factory reset for some of our latest handsets follow the steps below:


Go to Settings Back Up & Reset Reset Phone and then Reset All Data

If your device doesn't power on:

  1. Press and hold the 'Volume Up' + 'Home' + 'Power' buttons for 2-3 seconds

  2. Let go of the 'Power' only (don't let go of the 'Volume Up + 'Home' buttons)

  3. Press the 'Volume Down' button to highlight Factory Reset

  4. Press the 'Power' button to reset the phone (let go of the 'Volume Up' and 'Home' buttons)


Go to Settings [Additional settings] [Back up and reset] [Factory data reset],choose an option available for factory data reset.
* Any reset option cannot be revoked once it is operated.

Reset All System Settings This option will reset all system settings without deleting any data or media files.

Erase All App Data and Deletable Apps This option will delete all third-party apps and app data. But the data saved by you will be kept such as photos and videos.

Erase All Content and Settings Through this option, all data of OPPO smartphone will be cleared including contents, settings, photos and music. Your device will be reset to inactivated initial state, which is factory state.

Erase All Contacts and Call History By choosing this option, all the contacts and call history on the SIM card will be erased. Only the contacts on the SIM card will be preserved. Other data on your device will not be affected.

Erase All SMS and MMS Messages By choosing this option, all the SMS and MMS messages on the SIM card will be erased. Only the SMS messages on the SIM card will be preserved. Other data on your device will not be affected.

Test your device when the hard reset process is finished to see if the problem still exists.

If you have performed a Hard Reset and you're still having problems with your device please continue to STEP 6