What is 5G?

5G is the next generation of mobile technology and is the latest evolution of the mobile network following 3G and 4G. With the ability to hold up to 10 times the carrying capacity of the current 4G network, users can expect higher speeds, an improved ability to connect and lower latency.  5G is now available on selected Woolworths Mobile SIM Only and Phone plans.

Woolworths Mobile also offers 5G handsets phone plans for customers who would like to purchase a new 5G smartphone to get onto this new 5G network.

Where in Australia is 5G available?

Woolworths Mobile uses parts of Telstra’s 5G, 4G and 3G* mobile networks. The service provides 5G Coverage reaching at least 75% of the Australian population. The Telstra Wholesale mobile coverage area footprint reaches more than 98.8% of the Australian population and covers more than 1.6 million square kilometres of the Australian landmass.

Click here to find out whether your area is 5G ready.

*Telstra’s 3G Network (850Mhz band) will close in mid-2024.


What is 5G?

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I have a 5G plan and I am in a 5G coverage area (according to the map) but I don’t see the 5G indicator on my handset, why?

I have “5G” on my handset, but my data is slow. Why?

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