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01 Mar 2020

5 top tips for travelling overseas with your phone

Whether it’s to keep you from getting lost or scouting out the best places to eat, your phone is almost as important as your passport when travelling overseas. 

Finding your way around strange places, quick currency conversions at a local market stall and sharing your excitement with family and friends on social media, your phone rocks as a travel buddy.

But even with a International Roaming Add-on, your phone can be a real data hog - so here are some quick practical tips on how to minimise data use while you travel:

1. Swap your SIM before you get on the plane

As soon as your phone connects when you land, your apps will start updating and email, messages, images & videos from friends start burning your data.   You don’t want this happening at a high cost per MB when you don't have international roaming added to your mobile plan



2. Disable automatic video playing on all your social media apps

This is one of the biggest accidental data burners.  We are all so used to scrolling through Facebook at home without worrying about running out of data, so we hardly notice how much data we go through just from browsing on our phones when we are overseas... until our data runs out.  It's easy to turn off automatic video playing in your Facebook and Instagram settings, so hop in and do that before you go.

global roaming tips

3. Download Google Maps for your destination before you go

This will dramatically drop your roaming data use when you hit the town.  Google Maps will still use data to provide the route information, but it won’t need to download maps every time.

4. Be very careful if you're using WiFi Hotspots and charging stations

It’s tempting to just say “I'll just use a WiFi hotspot at a local cafe”. But the risk of having your personal data stolen is a lot higher than you think.  According to InfoSec, one in 5 people travelling abroad will be robbed of their data, including 3 in 10 senior business managers. 

Our advice: Just say no and use your 4G connection instead, its fast, secure and much safer. 



5. Turn off automatic photo and file cloud backups

Backups to iCloud or Google can burn all your data if you take lots of photos and videos (and lets face it - who doesn’t when they're on holiday).  If you really want the security of instant backups then leave this feature on – or pick the option to back up a slightly lower resolution image at a fraction of the size, to keep your memories and your wallet happy!