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19 Jun 2019

Woolworths Mobile for families

We know that online security is a priority for Australian Mums and Dads when it comes to choosing the right mobile phone provider for their kids.

87% of Aussie parents we asked said that they would feel more comfortable with their kids having access to their own mobile phone or tablet, if they had visibility of their children's social media profiles. Over half of parents are worried about kids sneaking in time online in private. 

How can Woolworths Mobile help?


Head of Woolworths Mobile, James McMurrough talks through some of the ways Woolworths Mobile can help give parents peace of mind when their kids are online with their own mobile phones.

"We provide parental controls through our own Woolworths Mobile App, so for example we can actually turn off data for your child."

"We’ve also partnered with Family Zone. Family Zone are global leading experts and we actually offer their subscription service complimentary on any Woolworths Mobile Plan."


mobile plans for families

All Woolworths Happy Family Mobile plans come with a free 12 month subscription to Family Zone.

The Family Zone app let's you control how and what your kids see online. It's features include:

  • Screen time management
  • Internet content control
  • Managing social media access
  • Tracking your childs device location

Aussie kids mobile data usage

School holidays can be a costly time for people who's kids have a mobile phone. 68% of Aussie parents believe their child churns through data most over school holiday periods. 

James says "We recognise that school holidays are a busy time of year, so giving extra data to make sure they’re entertained from a digital point of view is something we’re passionate about".

How much screen time is too much? 20% of parents we spoke to said they have concerns about the amount of time their children spend on their mobile or tablet, but admit to being more lenient with screen-time over school holidays or when travelling.

With Woolworths' Happy Family Mobile Plans, you'll get 10GB bonus data every 3 months† to help with those school holiday data surges. 


Happy Family Mobile Plans

Happy Family Mobile Plans make it easy to keep your family connected – with flexible plans that help protect your kids online>. In short, they’re made to keep everyone happy.


Why pick Woolworths Mobile?


Plans that flex with your family

Choose from Pre-paid, 12 month SIM Only or add a handset to your plan from just $5 a month.

200GB Data Bank^

When you recharge on the same pre-paid plan before expiry. You can rollover any unused data up to 200GB.

Unlimited calls & text

Unlimited & calls and text.

Australia's Trusted Network

Woolworths Mobile uses parts of the Telstra 4G and 3G Network.

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>Free Family Zone Protect for 1 user, 2 devices is for eligible new and recontracting Woolworths Mobile customers from 21 January 2019 (RRP $1.94 per month). Customer moved to Family Zone Insight at the end of 12 months period (no subscription fee) unless terminated by the subscriber, with option to subscribe to Family Zone Protect at cost at time of subscription. To maintain free Family Zone Protect for the period, the Pre-paid plan must be recharged prior to credit expiry or your Postpaid payments must be kept up to date. Customers will receive a registration email from Family Zone for Family Zone Protect within 48 hours of activating their Woolworths Mobile service.

^ To maintain Data Bank you must recharge your Pre-paid service before credit expiry on same or higher value plan or keep your payments up to date on your active Postpaid service. Not available on long expiry plans including the $60 and $150 plan.